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About Janis

Janis Raisen is an experienced journalist with a diverse portfolio. Her published articles can be found in an array of publications and online platforms. Her feature writing has covered a range of topics including tourism, nutrition, arts and culture.

Born and raised in Canada, Janis relocated to Israel in 2012 and has expanded her expertise into content writing for Israeli high-tech firms, and the world of academia. She has helped Israeli companies gain exposure through strategic online articles, and website content.

While continuing to freelance, Janis recently launched a tourism website, Israel: The Sites & Sights (used as Israel Sites and Sights throughout social media). The purpose  is to enrich the tourist experience in Israel through local travel tips, as well as articles on unique tourist sites and sights, hidden gems, or popular places with an fresh angle.

With over 10 years of project management experience in the publishing industry, Janis also brings her invaluable corporate experience to Janis Communications.

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